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Awesome Metal Friday: Rotten Sound

Friday, February 18th, 2011 by Price

To counteract the essentially shitty bands I’ve been posting as part of Forgotten Metal Friday, I figured I’d start a more regular series of posts simply highlighting good bands that we love. This should make Vincent happy. Even though he has a Coal Chamber poster in his office.

So here’s Rotten Sound, a brutal gindcore band from Finland (big surprise, good metal coming out of Scandinavia). If you like any grindcore, especially Napalm Death, you’re really going to love these guys. It’s pure raw energy and fervor. Recommended for working up a violent rage prior to ripping someone’s throat out.

Their new album comes out in March on Relapse Records, and they’re currently touring the US.

Enjoy my favorite track from them, “Dead Remains”, off of their 2010 EP Napalm:

Rotten Sound on Twitter