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The Myers House. A.K.A. “Why didn’t this exist when I lived in NC?”

Thursday, September 30th, 2010 by Price


You may or may not have known that the Devil’s Demons is originally from North Carolina. Believe it or not, North Carolina is an awesome place.

North Carolina is also home to loads of awesome haunted houses, many of which I remember fondly from growing up. Like most ruralish areas, there’s just a lot of open space, woods, and crazy people to make really awesome and genuinely frightening haunted houses/barns/schoolhouses/etc.

One place that didn’t exist when I was living there is the Myers House. What’s the Myers House? It’s a replica of Michael Myers of Halloween fame’s house. And there’s all kinds of cool stuff going on there.

[Via Evil on Two Legs]

My brother lives in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Friday, September 3rd, 2010 by Price


I’m visiting my brother in Raleigh, North Carolina, and this door exists in his garage. I don’t want to know what’s behind that door, but whatever it is, I hope it eats childrens’ SOULS.

Little Debbie’s Pumpkin Delights

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 by Price

While I was in NC a couple of weeks ago, I did my usual and roamed the aisles of K-Mart and Wal Mart looking for random Halloween items that I would never find in NYC. Well, here was one of them: Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights.

They looked “evil” enough based on the packaging shown above, and the fact that the pumpkin cookies appeared even the least bit sinister piqued my interest considering how much of a family-friendly brand Little Debbie is. So I picked up a box. I like anything pumpkin-flavored anyways, so there was nothing to lose.


The Most Amazing Coffee Mug Ever: Skull-Pirate Mug

Monday, October 6th, 2008 by Price

HOLY … CERAMIC … SHIT. Do you see the piece of art in front of your eyes? Do you notice the way the light reflects off of his gold tooth? Sparkling in your face? An even mix between simple bravado and wholehearted confidence in his abilities to plunder and pillage? This is a treasure that belongs in a museum, or at the Tower of London next to the rest of the crown jewels.

OK that’s going a bit far, but come on? You would have bought this thing too. As is the impetus for most of my impulsive purchases, any normal household good that has any semblance of Halloween imagery instantly grabs my eye.