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Bar Review: The Intrepid Fox (London)

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 by Price

The Intrepid Fox is a heavy metal bar in London’s Soho district. I was skeptical at first, just because the term “heavy metal bar” could mean several things. Could be a plain old bar that plays heavy metal music. Could be a bar that just has a heavy metal theme night. Could a bar with heavy metal karaoke. Could be a bar with large cast iron object throughout the room.

This was a veritable heavy metal bar according to my guide, and he was quite right.

This is a 2 story monster (3 if you count the dungeon to the bathroom) of a bar, filled with everything a metal-head or punk kid would have a wet dream over. The whole of the place is pretty much lit red and black, and is filled with the requisite accouterments, like skulls, more skulls, devils, and even half of a hell-car hanging from the ceiling above the bar, adds a bit of a motor city feel to the place:

Can kinda see it over there. Along with the skull jester on the pole. Stuff like that all throughout.

One of the coolest features of the bar is the load of old concert and bands posters lining the walls, especially in the dark corridor leading to the disgusting bathrooms (trying to copy the filthiness of NYC bathrooms). Lots of good ole White Zombie ones etc.

Also, the bar was a literal wet dream for most metal kids, filled with attractive metal chicks, covered in tattoos and various levels of piercings. The bartenders were of course either intentionally rude, or over the top happy to serve you. Standard metal bar fare.

The top level apparently hosts live music, so I’ll be checking back and reporting additional findings.

Luckily for me, it was glam night as well. So lots of dudes in zebra striped leggings etc.