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Halloween Candy Review (part 1)

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 by Price

So I’ve bought a lot of Halloween candy over the years. We all do around this time. Or if we don’t buy a lot, we sure do eat a lot.

You can’t have Halloween without the candy. Before I grew up and realized that Halloween was REALLY about dressing ridiculously, fake blood, and having an excuse to absolutely party your face off for a few days, it was all about the candy.

You were measured by your candy. Who got the most won. Every night after trick or treat, I would sit on the floor next to my brother, and we would compare our stashes. Who got the most suckers? Who had the most sixlets?

Maybe it’s the fancy packaging. Maybe I’m just using the season as an excuse to eat poorly. Either way, I end up with a ton of this stuff, and a ton of it goes into my belly.

So here’s some of what I bought so far, and my impressions.