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Why do women like horror movies?

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 by Price


I happened across this very intriguing NY Times article the other day, which takes a look into the recent trend of women loving horror movies, in fact even moreso than men (a fact that honestly caught me a bit off-guard, but makes sense now that I think about it).

The article was sparked by the upcoming release of the film Jennifer’s Body, which will be released next week.

The article can be summarized with the following bullet points:

  • More women see horror movies today than men do
  • People don’t understand why women would watch movies like Saw and Hostel, torture porn films
  • The slasher genre of character-based stories (damsels in distress, final girl escapes in the end) are easier for women to identify with
  • The 80′s “ruined” horror films by creating the gore genre, more gore is better etc.
  • Horror movies with subversive themes and even lessons can actually work

There’s mention of classics like Carrie and the Texas Chainsaw massacre, films with underlying messages which fans today might not understand. Or rather, focus on the killing rather than any potential story. It’s a fascinating debate.

It’s definitely worth the read.