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Maniac Pumpkin Carvers

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 by Price


I’m just discovering these guys, I have no idea. But thanks to the Downtown Dame for getting the 8th of September started off swimmingly. She knows how much I like pumpkins, so she pointed me to the Maniac Pumpkin Carvers.

The Maniac Pumpkin carvers are a couple of friends who have obviously discovered their passion in life, spending the autumn months carving ridiculously badass pumpkins. They’ll carve anything apparently, from portraits to brand logos to characters from movies to just about anything you can imagine. There are some great examples in there of more “3D” pumpkins too, with displays of amazing craftsmanship.

There are zombies, vampires, skeletons, Michael Jackson’s, people I don’t know, ad agencies, and bars. All good.

Bonus points that they’re located in our locale of Brooklyn. If only they had a store, they could totally take advantage of me getting drunk and buying all of their pumpkins (not that they’d have trouble selling them anyways).

They also won serious bonus points with me because of their “how-to” section, which features some videos of Muppets carving pumpkins. And everyone knows how much I LOVE Muppets.

You can follow the Maniacs on Facebook too. Do it.

I bought a bunch of trading cards

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 by Price

The older I get, the more I seem to revert back to childhood tendencies. Mostly in the way I compulsively buy worthless things that just kinda take up space.

So the story goes with trading cards. I’ve always been a big fan of trading cards, collecting sports cards when I was kid. I occasionally dabbled in non-sports cards for movies and TV shows.

I found a local store in Brooklyn called PopFuzz which caters to all of my juvenile needs. They have comics toys, great records and books and movies, and most importantly, shitloads of old trading cards still in the packages. It’s a great store, so if you’re around town, be sure to stop in.

Over the past few weekends I’ve stumbled in and bought mounds of these cards (the store is on my standard Saturday/Sunday morning hangover route to the drug store for energy drinks and snacks) and am excited to report that the cards are as great as ever. I got loads of mostly TV and movie-related ones, like Bill and Ted, Saved By the Bell, Ninja Turtles, YO! MTV Raps, American Gladiator, Rock Stars, In Living Color, among many others.

If nothing else, these cards give me a minute to reflect on the good ‘ole days, when things were simpler. And then I cry a bit, realizing I’ll never see those days again.

Here, I’ll focus on TDD-related ones, mainly the Fright Flicks, Tales From the Crypt, and Gremlins 1/2 cards.


Tales From the Crypt

These were some pretty silly cards. They featured a mix of the crypt keeper saying stupid shit (there’s a theme here), old Tales From the Crypt comic covers, etc.


Even the packaging was cute. There’s a little line “Your friends will die of envy!” if you complete the whole set. And if you don’t buy the collector album, “YOU KNOW KIDDIES … LOTS OF HORRIBLE THINGS CAN HAPPEN TO YOUR CRYPT CARDS!”. Anyways, these are still fun, and remind of staying up late during the summer as a kid watching TFTC on HBO.

Fright Flicks

You can imagine that finding these old gems got me more excited than any of the other cards. 1985/1987 vintage (the box contained packs from different years, which is kinda strange).

Firstly, they’ve got great packaging. As you can see above, you have Freddy, the Predator, what I think is Pumpkin Head, and a chick from Fright Night. All poorly drawn.

Secondly, you have excruciatingly painful quips and puns on each of the cards. Here are some choice examples:


“MAN, MY DOGS ARE KILLING ME!” says the dog thing from Ghostbusters. “TRY THE SHRIMP TEMPURA ..” yeah that’s great.


More intelligent things. I do have to say though, the stickers kicked ass. Freddy for president? I’ll put that on my lunchbox or trapper keeper any day of the week.

Aliens, Day of the Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street 1/2/3, Ghostbusters, Fright Night, the Fly, Vengeance: The Demon (which was what the first Pumpkinhead was called apparently) comprise the films that have cards in this set. All cheesy enough to be worthy of entry in this series.

These are just fun. Also, apparently other people get a kick out of these cards too.


Actually, I’m tired. Gremlins cards were Gremlins cards. They were fun.

BAM Vampire Fest

Monday, August 2nd, 2010 by Price


Back before Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse essentially ruined vampires’ image, there were classic versions of Dracula and the vampires. Somehow, those movies morphed into the versions of vampire movies we have today, and I don’t know where things went wrong.

Regardless of how you feel, we’re going old school with vampires.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music is gearing up for their vampire fest, starting this week. If you live in Brooklyn/NYC, I suggest checking this out. We’ll be there for some of these I am sure.

From the site, the event is described as:

Sink your teeth into 33 films featuring cinema’s most dangerous—and dangerously alluring—figure. From Lugosi to the lesbian undead, Murnau to Maddin, camp-horror staple to postmodern, society-as-sickness metaphor, the vampire’s reign over popular imagination continues to seduce filmmakers over to the dark side.

Looking through the lineup so far,  I’m happy to report I have only seen 2 of the movies. The Vampire Lovers is definitely at the top of my list.