19 Days Until Halloween

October 12th, 2009 by Price


19 for the age of Nazi/Heathen/Singer/Murderer/NutĀ Varg Vikernes when he joined metal band Mayhem (where he was known asĀ Count Grishnackh). About a year before he decided to burn down churches and murder fellow guitarist Euronymous (and then allegedly eat some of his brain).

Varg paved the way for depressed Scandanavian youth to express their emotions and feelings through awful avenues, and is a shining example of what happens when one lives in their grandmother’s basement for too long.

My favorite Varg moment has to be when he tried to escape prison in a stolen car. Good going.

One of my favorite books was the Lords of Chaos, which probably references Varg and Mayhem/Burzum more than any other character/band. There’s a movie version coming out as well, which should feature some interesting conversation with the released Vikernes.


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