New Zombie video game: Left 4 Dead

October 9th, 2008 by Price

If there is a quote referring to your game as “The crack cocaine of zombie-killing survival/action horror,” then you seriously need to live up to ultra high expectations. Valve, the makers of Half-Life (which I never actually played but was witness to many people’s wanton reactions to me when interrupting their Half-Life fests), have created a new epic action game based around zombies and the killing of said zombies.

The game won’t be released until November 17th, but that’s perfect considering it’s around the 2 week mourning period post Halloween, so I will be in dire need of zombie cocaine to get my spirits up.

Oh and here’s the best part … you can play as ZOMBIES too in the online version. A quote taking from the IGN page for Left 4 Dead:

Designed for co-op play, the four players must work together to finish each stage of the game, lending each other artillery support, sharing ammo and rescuing each other when zombies are on top of them. In addition to the standard four players as humans, another four players can be amongst the masses of assaulting zombies, seeking to take down the other players. Zombie players might even find themselves become one of the four mutant “boss” zombies, who have unique powers that can be used to devastate, injure, tie up, mark and track, confuse, or even humiliate the gun-toting human survivors.

Seriously, how cool is that? Apparently the AI is really spot-on, and I’ve heard that you can progressively become a zombie once you’ve been bitten. That is just too cool. Can I stop drooling now? Oh no, I can’t. I haven’t seen the screens yet…

These look pretty intense:

I don’t even know what level of Hell that “thing” came from, but I love it.

Shit, the game even has its own blog. That’s just hardcore. Sure it only has 2 entries, but that’s still hardcore. Check it out for the cool Lego rendition of the game’s environment.

I am proud to announce that I technically own the game already, as my little brother has generously gifted it to me for my birthday. I seriously hope this lives up to my expectations.

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